Recycled Paper 

Recycled paper is also rewritable and printable. The specialty here is the processing of 100% waste paper. This conserves wood resources and saves up to 70% energy and water compared to traditional paper production.

Due to its natural appearance and the high degree of whiteness, the paper is also suitable for traditional flyer printing, letterhead, writing pads, or postcards, as well as conventional types. 

Poster Paper 

The durable and weatherproof poster paper with a grammage of 115 g / m² is matte-coated on one side and wood-free white. The blue back prevents the surface from showing through when sticking on. This material is also very suitable for outdoor use because of its translucent base and UV resistance. 

Postcard Printing Board 

The postcard printing board is also known as chromo board and is a kind of "mixture" of picture printing and offset printing paper. While the front is painted and provided with dispersion varnish, the back remains untreated. For this reason and because of its particularly high stability, this paper is particularly suitable for postcards that are to be written on the reverse. 

Final Thoughts 

In addition to the theoretical knowledge you have now acquired, you can order free print samples to know the paper practically. This way, you will not doubt printing a lot.