One of the must-have items as a professional in any field is a properly designed name card. These days, there are a lot of printing services both offline and online that you can contact for name card printing in Singapore. Moreover, some printing services even offer express name cards.

With express name card printing, you will be able to get your brand new stack of name cards within a much shorter time than the regular name card printing service. If you are ever in a hurry, you should definitely consider finding a printing shop that offers express name card printing. 

If you want to make the process much quicker, it is best that you are already ready with the design. If you haven't started designing your name card for express name card printing service, then here are some helpful tips that can ensure the process to go smoothly and the result to come out nicely. 

1. Consider Bleed Area 

The name card that you design should include a bleed area. A bleed area is important as it prevents any important element or part of the design to get cut off during the trimming process. By making sure that there is a bleed area at the very least about 5 millimeters from the edge, you can remember not to put any design elements too close to the borders of the name card and in the end not only you will get a great name card design, but you will also be able to increase the chance of getting a uniform stack of new name cards. 

2. Don't Get Too Close to the Edge 

As mentioned above, the name card that you design should keep its elements closer to the center instead of getting too close to the edge of the name card. Even with a bleed area, if you design too close to the edge, then that certain part might still get trimmed off. When designing a name card, it is also best not to use a border because getting it right can be quite tricky. Since you are going for an express namecard printing service, it is best that you keep your design easy to print for quicker and error-free process. 

3. Printing Plates 

The printing plates in printing are used to give colors to the paper that you choose to be the paper stock for name card printing. When choosing colors for your name card, it is best to stick to a maximum of three kinds of colors or three printing plates. If you use more than three, then most likely your paper will get too wet and the plates won't be able to line up properly too. If the paper is too wet, then there's a higher chance of ink transfer or color set off which doesn't look good at all for your name card's visual. 

4. Use Vector-Based Programs 

Vector-based design software can get you sharper and crisper results upon printing compared to bitmap elements in the design. You can consider using InDesign, CorelDraw, or Adobe Illustrator for this. 

5. Text Size 

Your name card needs to be legible to be able to give contact information properly. Make sure that the text size for your name card is not any smaller than 8 pt to ensure ease of reading by anyone who receives your name card.