Rubber stamp has existed for hundreds of years. It has been very beneficial for various things in people's lives. In this modern era, a rubber stamp is still used. Rubber stamp is great especially when it comes to dealing with documents. People from any company or organization may find a rubber stamp useful especially if they send out legal documents.

A rubber stamp carved with the company or organization logo that is present on a legal document that is released by a company or organization will make it look formal and proper. Usually, the stamp of the company logo will be accompanied by the signature of the person in charge, such as a company director. 

Of course, the rubber stamp isn't only beneficial for formal purposes. It can also be used for fun, such as crafts and decorations. Many people use stamps for example to stamp invitations, envelopes, and many more. 

Making a stamp is quite easy. All you have to do is design the stamp and let a stamp manufacturer do the rest of the work for you. However, there are several things that you must be aware of. 

1. Details 

You must pay attention to the details of the stamp and know what you want. For example, details of the stamp height, the width, material, and size overall. If you don't provide detailed information regarding the measurement of the stamp you want, you most likely will get a result that doesn't suit your needs and doesn't satisfy you. 

If you are using the service of a professional graphic designer to design your stamp, make sure that you do a final check before the design goes to the manufacturer so that you can be sure that everything is right. 

2. Ink 

Did you know that there are different types of inks for rubber stamps? Not only that there are various ink types, but the colors also vary as well. 

There are oil based ink, water based ink, and solvent based ink as the most popular types of ink that are often used for different types of stamps. Water based ink is more suitable for self inking stamp, and oil based ink is more suitable for pre inked stamp. 

The different choice of ink type may also affect the suitable ink pad if you choose to make traditional rubber ink that requires a separate ink pad. If you choose a pre inked stamp or self inking stamp, then you only have to match them with the most suitable type of ink that is recommended for their use. 

3. Manufacturer 

Make sure that you explore the available options that you can choose for the manufacturer of your stamps. It is best to invest in a high quality rubber stamp so that it will have a good quality and durability so that your rubber stamp can go on for a long time. Even though it may cost you a little more than the average quality stamp, it is worth it to spend th extra penny on better quality stamp.