Do People Still Use Postcards? Part 1


In this era where everything is digital, does anyone use postcards anymore?


Before there are instant messages, people use postcards to send messages to others. They give information about places, a story of their life, asking about another person, etc. Also, some people like to collect postcards from different places when they are on vacation.


When you collect postcards from different places that you have visited, you will remember the places someday and maybe planning to come back again. Or if you want to share your experience about the place with your friend or family, you can send the postcard that you bought there. For example, when you are on vacation in Singapore, you can easily find a postcard store in Singapore. The postcards from different places have their own style and picture that represents the place. Collecting postcards from many places like having souvenirs, it becomes mark that you have been visited that place.


A postcard is fun and has a lot of memory and it lasts a lifetime. When you randomly look at some old stuff and found postcards from many people, you reread the message and start to remember the moment. It brings old memory and nostalgia from your loved one. You can keep a postcard through generations and it becomes a personal thing that has a story in it. When you have children you can show them your postcard collection and start telling a story behind it. A postcard can be something that shows the journey of your life.