Do People Still Use Postcards? Part 2


Back to the first question, does anyone use postcards anymore? Yes, postcards still exist and some people still using or collect them. Perhaps it is not as many as the old-time because we already have technology that makes everything easier and faster like e-mail. But for the one who loves postcards, it is still the essential thing. Postcard looks more real than e-mail or text. It is like you have a physical feel with it.


Some people still like sending postcards to others and also glad to receive postcards because they can keep it as a memorable thing. While an instant message just a text full of words, a postcard has something to captivate people. Also, a postcard is a friendly way to show people that you still care about them. This is a pleasant way to communicate with others rather than using a phone or instant message.


Sending postcards in this modern life seems a little bit unlikely. But you can bring back the old fun way to others by sending it again. It’s good to catch up with old friends or someone who lost contact for years by using a postcard to share your story with them. It’s good to start using postcards again and send them to everyone you love. Buy your postcard now at apostcard store near the Singaporearea.