Twitter Cards 

The cards Twitter is the format of a rich tweet that will allow us to add value to publications, thus improving the brand's branding, giving greater visibility to the product. There are six different types of free cards to suit our needs: summary, product of what you are selling like customised self ink stamp, photo, large image summary, player, and app. 

Once the Twitter card has been created, in this section, we can see the evolution of enriched publications since we are offered impressions, clicks, what are the fashions and trends in terms of the themes of the tweets, and which influencers are the ones who more have helped us to give visibility to the tweet. 


This category allows us to create and manage apps, see an event calendar based on which to create campaigns, and track conversions. 

As we can see, although it has been waiting, Twitter Analytics is undoubtedly a handy "all-rounder" tool for all Community Managers and, above all, intuitive. We hope you enjoy it and make the most of all the features it offers.