In today's digital age it is easy to think that name cards are already entering a stage of extinction, especially because there are now different types of alternatives for finding a person's employment information. 

For some years now, this kind of card began to be seen as accessories of the past, in which it is no longer possible to innovate beyond aesthetics. However, at the same time, a new trend has been created that shows that this kind of card can still be useful and that it is still possible to innovate in its functionality. 

Plastic Cards Are the Next Level 

Although it is hard to believe, in recent years, this kind of card has evolved in terms of designs, functionalities, and type of material. Plastic has become the material of choice for many people, as it not only provides greater strength and durability but also integrates with technologies such as biometrics. 

Unlike traditional name card printing and name cards made of plastic can be manufactured to integrate technologies such as biometrics or RFID. This kind of technology not only brings security to their owners but also offers the opportunity to store and ingeniously display information. 

Plastic cards can be complemented with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, electronic chips, and broadband. This kind of technology facilitates access and storage of information through the cloud.  

Like traditional cards, plastic cards can also be manufactured in an infinite number of designs, shapes, and styles. Although they are digital cards, they still do not lose the traditional essence of carrying important information and images.