Plan Out Wedding Invitation Card Printing With Variety of Sizes to Choose From


Have you decided to create your own wedding invitation card for your big day? It is a nice idea, particularly if you are trying to save money, but creating a wedding invitation card can be tough, especially if you're new to design and printing.


First and foremost, think of the size of your wedding invitation card.


When choosing a wedding invitation card size, there are many factors to remember, including your budget and the theme of your special occasion.


The standard size for a wedding invitation card is 5 inches by 7 inches, with a 5.25 inch by 7.25 inch envelope. If you want to make it even grander, try growing the normal size by one inch. You can also make the wedding invitation card more lightweight by making it 5 inches by 5 inches with a 5.25 inch by 5.25 inch envelope. There's also a slim choice, in which you can print your wedding invitation card in the size of 4 inches by 9.25 inches with a 4.25 inch by 9.5 inch envelope.


Here are some more information about the above-mentioned wedding invitation card size:


5 x 7 inches

This is the traditional, or standard, size of a wedding invitation card size. With this wedding invitation card size, you'll have plenty of space for all of the details you want to add to your layout. With this scale, you'll be able to have unique embellishments including the bride and groom's picture.


6 x 7 inches

This is a wide wedding invitation card size that is suitable for providing more specific details on your wedding card, such as if you need to provide more information about the venue that is quite tricky to find.


5 x 5 inches

This wedding invitation card size is considered more traditional, making it ideal for a contemporary wedding style. Since this wedding invitation card is smaller than most, you can strive to make it stand out by using bright colours for the backdrop and font. This wedding invitation card size can be paired with a brightly coloured envelope, such as one with metallic ink embellishment.


Aside from the size of the wedding invitation card, there are a few other aspects to remember when planning to make wedding invitation cards, such as:



Of course, the choices are constrained by the amount of money available for the wedding invitation card's design and printing. The printing cost will almost certainly rise when you add new elements to your wedding invitation card. To stay within your budget, be careful not to go overboard with your concept.


The scale of the Wedding

The cost of your wedding invitation card is therefore determined by the scale of your wedding. Since you will be inviting more guests, a huge wedding, of course, results in the printing of more wedding invitation cards. If you want to save money for a big wedding, use wedding invitation cards that are smaller in scale.


Those considerations are important before you create the card for your special day. So, don't miss out!