Business name cards have come a long way from their origin as cards with name and contact information. Today they carry logos, clipart and colour schemes, and most importantly, the business website and phone number, which help businesses promote their brand. This is because business name cards are effective marketing tools and help enterprises spread the word about their brand, products, company name and services. 

With such a wide range of business name cards designs available, it can be pretty tricky to choose one. To keep things simple, you should select business name cards that match the overall design of your business. This will give them a consistent look and will create a good first impression among clients and customers. Here are some of the business name card trends for this season. 

Classic Name Cards 

The classic business card design of two to three lines with a font size of around 12 points is still trendy amongst business owners. They are widely used in the business community and are easily identifiable. A business name with a bold typeface and short sentences is also very effective. In recent years, many business name cards have adopted the use of colour printing on their cards. Many big companies have adopted this trend, like Google and Apple. Classic name cards look more professional and clean but lack style when compared to colourful name cards.