Everything may seem digital nowadays. With the increasing use of social networks, it is easy to assume that working in a digital marketing agency has become very important and there has been a growth on jobs inside marketing area. It may look like just one person could handle it all, but in real life, there are many people working behind computers and doing their best planning campaigns. Which are the jobs that people have in marketing? 

1. Community Manager 

In a company, a community manager is the person in charge of social media and works side by side with the social media manager to create a strategy for social media campaigns. They must know how to operate social networks and keep up actively with the latest news. 

2. Social Media Manager 

A social media manager is the one responsible for the development of a social media plan keeping a track on what the strategies and objectives should be. They coordinate the projects inside the company and analyzes campaigns in order to improve their results. 

3. Creative Designer 

They are responsible for the digital marketing designs that would later be used on social networks. These professionals have to be creative and think outside the box to give life to the images and videos the customers may need.  

4. Account Manager 

An account manager keeps in touch with the clients on a daily basis and informs them on what they may be looking for in order to the team to start working. They offer a personalized service for each customer and lets the team know what the objectives and wishes the client has. 

5. Project Manager 

Along with the account manager, it is the person that should keep in track the whole team, checking all the projects and monitoring if there are any deviations from the main objectives and the wanted results. 

6. Developer  

To be a developer means that you must be familiar with different programming tools to design web pages and you may have to be able to solve problems that may happen during a campaign or even add improvements on their pages to keep the clients satisfied with the project. 

7. Chief Marketing Officer 

It may be one of the higher positions inside an agency, but it is also one that required a lot of work too. They should complement the work of the marketing manager (which is the one that holds the responsibility for the whole team) and help them on everything they may need. They must keep an eye on the implementation of the marketing plan and report it straight away to the MM. 

8. Marketing Manager 

This may be the top representative inside a digital marketing agency. Working along with the Chief Marketing Officer, they are the ones that coordinate the entire marketing department, from the strategy used in the company to the recruitment of new professionals in each sector, they must be updated in each part of the process.