Effect on Brand Loyalty: 

Loyal customers are those who stick to your brand services. Having loyal customers proves more beneficial than finding new purchasers. Loyal customers are those who prefer your brand over the others and constantly purchase your products.

When your brand proves reliable and trustworthy, most customers will buy your services again and again. Gaining loyal customers will result in increased sales and profit for your brand. You can also issue free items out such as handmade self ink stamp.

Brand loyalty can quickly be built using social media as you can directly form a connection with the target audience and give excellent services proven to be a reliable brand. some easy ways to gain loyal customers on social media are 

  • Resolve their queries as soon as possible 
  • Listen to their complaints and try to make your services better 
  • Share the experience of your customers on social media to earn the trust of your target audience. 

Effect on Competition: 

Social media Marketing has changed the criteria of the competition. You can't deny the importance of social media in a brand's success. The rate of attention you are getting on social media directly affect the popularity of your products.

You can also use social media to keep an eye on your competitor's activities to develop better ideas for your brand's campaigns, promotions, and product quality. 


The benefits of Social Media Marketing are very effective, that you can't ignore them. Having a brand presence on social media allows you to enjoy a lot of features.

Spending time recognizing your brand presence on social media is not a wastage instead, it will benefit your business in the long run.