The coloring of the cut edges is done by hand. Any premixed color from the so-called Pantone color space or the HKS color space can be used.  

Since the Pantone color space is pervasive and offers numerous color nuances, it doesn't hurt that coloring using the typical machine 4C color scheme is not possible.  

It's just a handicraft! The refinement with various metallic colors from the Pantone color space is also feasible.  

Not to be confused with gold leaf, foils, laminations, or similar surface coatings. These cannot be applied because the business cards have already been cut before the coloring. 

If a company wishes for business cards with a color cut - following the corporate design - in different colors, this can easily be implemented. 

The color cut works in different colors as an overall object with the print. 

The choice of paper or cardboard is still huge, even if you take the requirements of a color cut into account. This is to ensure clean processing when coloring by hand and the selected color cut is sufficiently noticeable. 

The paper should have a thickness of approx .0.7 mm or a grammage of at least 300 g per m² of paper. The selection of papers or cardboard boxes with a first-class feel is certainly recommended to support the high-quality visual impression. 

Multiloft Business Cards 

The so-called business card printing represent a variant of the color cut. These are remarkably thick and luxurious business cards that are comparatively heavy in hand.  

You can weigh up to 1200 g / m² paper in total. Two so-called cover papers of 325 g / m² each are individually printed and firmly glued in a sandwich process with 1-2 colored paper cores. The color cores are usually available in approximately eight standard colors.