What Are the Advantages of Color-Cutting a Business Card? 

The potential for a high-quality and representative effect when exchanging a business card was already outlined at the outset. The color cut rounds off an individually designed business card.  

A decisive advantage for the business card with the color cut is its conspicuity. Quite pragmatic: a potential customer has visited several companies or new contacts at a trade fair, for example.  

He receives a business card from his contact person. After his return, the customer takes out the stack of, for example, 12 business cards from the companies visited to make a pre-selection of possible suppliers.  

Under the business cards, there are three business cards with a color cut. What is the probability that he pays more attention to this business card? Certainly, it should not be forgotten that a good business card printing is also characterized by the fact that the contact data has a printed QR code. The stored contact data can be easily processed for the EDP for a thoroughgoing contact success. 

Final Thoughts 

Business cards are still indispensable for people with representative tasks. Your business cards are like pictures: a suitable frame promotes their impact. Color-cut business cards make it possible.