If you're wondering what is the best traditional marketing alternative for indoor events, then you should really be getting a poster stand. 

Poster or banner stand has been used for so many years by small to even large businesses for indoor events. 

Some of them can even be used outdoors too because many types of banner stands are now more durable enough to withstand outdoor challenges. 

Let's Learn More About Poster Stands. 

What is a Banner Stand? 

A banner stand is a marketing tool that supports posters or banners, or referred to as graphics for display in events. Many people use it for indoor venues but now stands are used outdoors as well. 

A lot of businesses favor this type of traditional marketing tool because it is highly convenient and also affordable. It is one of the best alternatives for small to medium businesses that have limited marketing budgets. 

Not only that it is cheap, but it can also help you reach the return of investment pretty speedy as well. 

Doesn't that just sound great? If you are now sure that you are going to use a banner stand for your marketing campaign, then you need to know the available types of banner stands that you can use. 

Let's Go Over It In a Jiffy: 

1. Scrolling Banner Stand 

This type of banner or poster stand is the one that is often used in trade shows because it can maximize your advertising space without a big display. It is perfect for a small space of marketing much like in the crowded trade shows. 

Not only that it is effective, but the rolling banner stand is also attractive due to its mechanism. 

It uses a simple motor that enables the graphic to roll for more information display. 

People will definitely be more intrigued to take a look at what you have to say with your banner stand. 

Even though you only have a small space, you will be able to convey a lot of things with this type of banner stand. 

2. X Banner Stand 

This one is much simpler than the scrolling banner stand. You will have separate parts with this type of banner stand, which are the pole and the graphic or banner itself. You will first have to assemble the poles to make an X shape and then attach the corners of the banner or graphic to the pole for display. It takes a little bit of time, but this banner stand is affordable and still quite simple. It is great for indoor events and not very suitable for outdoors because it can get knocked down quite easily. 

3. Pull Up Banner Standee 

People often directly think of this type of stand when talking about marketing with a banner stand because it is popular for its convenience. The pull up banner standee is affordable and one of the simplest one there is. It comes with a spring mechanism that makes it easy for installation and it can even be done by a person within seconds. Moreover, it is knock-proof so it can do pretty well outdoors as well.