Due to the Corona crisis, many people were surprised by the challenge of "home office from now on". Others have been working for years and prefer to work in their own four walls or commute between the office and home office. No matter how you get there: an optimally set up work environment and the right attitude to self-organized work are essential prerequisites for your productivity. 

A recent survey for Applied IT shows that working from home is not a bad choice for most people. They estimate their productivity to be higher and are satisfied when the external conditions are right. 

Ideally, you have your own room, a real home office, which you set up and design according to your preferences. Close the door, hang out the sign "I have office time," and the children do their own thing. 

But it often looks like this: Both partners have office time and have to split between the kitchen table and the dining table. You can't stay out of private life completely. It is precisely for this reason that it is essential to prepare working hours and the workplace as well as possible. The better you plan your home office, the more productive you can work. 

Here you will find a few tips on organizing your work from home as efficiently as possible while staying motivated. 

Your Office Should Not in The Bedroom 

If the home office is a new challenge for you: A small adjoining room, the attic room, the party room are always better than working in a space that is permanently used for other purposes. 

If it is unavoidable that you work in the bedroom or living room, a room divider can help: move a shelf so that it shields your workspace from the rest of the room. 

This Is How You Enjoy Being at Work 

Make your workplace as pleasant and inspiring as possible. So you like to stay there and work more productively.  

It doesn't take much: Make sure that you are not sitting with your back to the door: This creates a rather uncomfortable, insecure feeling.  

A look at the room,  a motivational poster printing, a beautiful picture, a window with a view motivates and puts you in a good mood. Make yourself as comfortable as possible! 

Nice office furniture, primarily made of natural materials, also supports you.  

They don't have to be expensive. There is a simple IKEA worktop made of beechwood strips on height-adjustable feet. There is even more: a lush plant, a standing calendar with pictures, A flatterer, or a family photo on the desk create a positive mood. 

Make sure there is an excellent indoor climate. Every now and then, ventilation provides you with oxygen. Plants also support this - and are also a visual motivating factor. 

Your Desk Is The Soul of The Office 

If you can set up a desk, consider putting it up as a high table. It is said that sitting is the new smoking: unhealthy in the long run.  

Anyone who can imagine working standing up again and again during the day will be well served by a height-adjustable desk. If you already have a desk, you can convert it to a part-time high table with a standing desk attachment or an additional surface that can be screwed on. 

Pick a table that offers enough space for your work. If you only use a laptop and a few documents, you can get by in a small area. Anyone who counts fabric samples, files, literature, and other utensils should plan bigger as part of their daily work material.