Even though stamps are a pretty basic and easy-to-use kind of utensil, it can often be extremely frustrating when one of your stamps doesn't work for one reason or the other. You have tried your best to understand what the problem could be but still can't figure out why is it that your loyal stamp isn't doing what you want it to do. It could be that the stamp isn't providing the best impression or that it's just too hard to leave one. Since a pre ink stamp is a lot more complicated in nature than a pre-inked one we will look at a few of the more common reasons why a self-inking stamp might "malfunction" and what to do in these situations: 

The Stamp Impressions are Too Light: 

Probably one of the most common problems that come with self-inking stamps when the problem does come is that the stamp impression is said to be "too light". This can often lead to stamps that disappear after a short period of time and some impressions which are only half visible. This can of great annoyance forcing the user to start to press the stamp repeatedly on the same spot just to leave a proper impression, which is obviously not recommended. The best solution for this is to check and see if the stamp impression or the nameplate is dry or not. If not then you should dry the stamp out in sunlight for a little while. Testing the dampness of the ink cartilage is also recommended. If too wet then dry it out under a fan and re-ink it with a few drops to get the best results. 

The stamp won't easily push down: 

If the stamp won't easily push down it's more likely that there's something blocking its way from going all the way down. The best way to solve this issue or the most common reason for this problem is that the stamp got dirty and you need to clean it. By cleaning we don't mean you need to thoroughly clean it with water but a simple brush clean will do. Just remove all the parts that are removable and use an old dry toothbrush to rub between all the available spaces. Reassemble the stamp when done.  

Another common reason this happens is that the stamp is locked. To Unlock it simply press the button on the side of the stamp and push down the stamp a little. If the stamp was locked it will now work fine. 

The Stamp Impressions are Too Dirty: 

This is a common issue people face when the nameplate of the pre ink  stamp becomes too dirty or clogged with ink particles. Again the best way to combat this would be to take a dry cloth, push the stamp down, and put it in lock (so that you have access to the nameplate without pushing down anymore), and cleaning between the alphabets and numbers with a dry toothbrush. After a thorough cleaning, your stamp should be able to stamp normally again.