Pre ink stamps were introduced into the market no so long ago, and have since made a strong case for themselves to become the number 1 go-to option whenever there is a need to have a stamp made. There are a variety of reasons as to why this has been a case but in general, it is due to their dominance over the other variables such as the pre-inked stamps. Let's look at some of the reasons why pre ink stamps are doing better than their counterparts at both their job and in general sales: 

It can easily be used by almost all ages: 

The Pre ink stamp removes the most tedious and difficult aspects of stamping on a piece of paper; inking it yourself and then forcing it onto a piece of paper. This it does by making sure your nameplate is always inked and with the slight push you can have a clean impression. This is a process that is really hard to mess up. Anyone from a kid to the elderly can do it without push hiccups. In the case of the elderly, it is even more important as they might a slight tremor which can make the use of normal or pre-inked stamps slightly more difficult, but in the case of self-inking stamps, it is a lot easier. And even though we recommend you don’t give the stamp to toddlers and children but in a tough situation where you have no other choice, you can safely expect the child to be able to use it right, upon instructions. 

The stamps’ ink doesn’t “dry out”: 

Pre inked as well as other stamps have this issue where if their ink pads are exposed to air or direct sunlight for too long they tend to dry out even though they should have a lot more ink still left in them. This can be a major concern and even though pre-inked stamps do combat this problem by having the ink pad hold the stamp up when not in use it is much like a fountain pen where if you don't remember to cap it up (in this case use the stamp to cover the ink pad) you will still dry out the ink. This is a non-existing issue for the Pre ink stamp as it has its own mechanism for inking the nameplate which does not require any such great care. Although it is highly recommended you keep it away from direct sunlight and moisture, that's about it!     

No great force is required for an impression: 

As discussed earlier, regular stamps require you to exert force onto the piece of paper or document you are trying to put an impression on which can be a bit of a problem for some people. In case cases with a worn-out name pad or dry ink the person applying the pressure can continuously put this entire might into leaving a proper impression to no avail, in other cases, people with joint issues, tremor, weaker physique or even hand injures can find it extremely tough to leave an impression but since the Pre ink doesn't need a lot of force to leave a proper mark, it is ideal in all these cases. Even in cases where the ink is dried up, you'll know for sure that the ink pad needs changing as the force you add has little to no effect on the stamp prominence.