Digital marketing has changed the advertising industry over the last three decades. With their improved capability to access the internet, the advent of mobile phones has drastically changed the Marketing Department and the Advertising Industry.  

The dramatic change in the Marketing Industry followed the development of the mobile phone. The phone also witnessed the introduction of email, which dramatically changed the Advertising Industry. The next innovation in the Marketing Industry occurred with the launch of the internet, which significantly altered the Advertising Industry. 

As a result of these and other changes, digital marketing offers multiple online marketing strategies that help you leverage the power of various channels to promote your business. Besides, digital marketing provides real-time data feeds to help you measure results in real-time and adapt your offline and online marketing strategies accordingly. Its ability to offer multiple online marketing strategies allows you to create an identity for your brand and build a personal fan base. This strategy helps you leverage your brand through the TV, radio, flyer printing, and outdoor channels. At the same time, you work to strengthen your online presence through social media, online advertising, and SEO strategies.