4. Creativity, But Not Too Much 

Anyone who neglects rules 1 and 2 for a good, creative idea will be ridiculed. Printing business cards yourself is fun but also tedious. In the intensive occupation with the matter, one quickly loses interest. Therefore you should always submit your drafts to a few trusted but independent persons for review before going to press. The results of such a survey are always surprising and often change a lot. 

Learn What Successful Business Cards Do 

If you take a closer look at the origins of business cards, you will learn quite a few exciting things. For example, if you were a guest of a high house, it was once handed over to the servant, who gave it to the master of the house on a silver platter.  

But that's not all: To signal to the distinguished gentleman what the reason for the visit was, the visitor bent the business card according to a specific rule. Whether to court the daughter of the house or express his condolences, the folding of the card always preceded it. 

Today this is no longer common, and the name card has found its way into the professional world. Here it is passed around in an almost inflationary way at trade fairs and congresses - contacts are everything.  

Sometimes, even without a kink, you still have the feeling that you have been sent back to the century before last. Many successful business card printing also deserve a kink, namely the one for expressing condolences. An optical gauntlet to stick to the metaphor that was once tried.