You might be familiar with postcards that are sent personally when people are on a vacation. But did you know that a postcard is also great for marketing? If you are a small to medium business, you can really benefit from postcard printing. Postcard printing is cheap and effective, thus perfect for businesses with limited marketing budgets. 

However, even though it's a low cost marketing alternative, it doesn't mean that you can just print it however you want. 

There are things that you must consider when it comes to postcard printing, and here they are: 

1. Larger Printing 

The standard size for a postcard is A6. But if you are intending your postcard for marketing, then how about going bigger? Bigger postcards stand out more, especially with great designs. With a larger sized postcard, you will have a better chance of being successful with your postcard marketing. Your postcard needs to impress, and it starts from gaining the attention of your target audience with its size when they open up the mailbox. 

2. Bold Typeface 

Once you've gotten the attention of your target audience with the size of your postcard, make them stay with beautiful and bold typeface. This kind of typeface is also important to highlight the focal point of your postcard, for example, the headline. It needs to be noticed immediately, so what better way to do it rather than printing the headline of your poster with a bold typeface? 

If you choose to uncoat your card, bold typeface can really helps as well as thin typefaces don't work really well with this option. The postcard that you print will look muted with thin typefaces especially with dark colors, so it is always a good choice to go bold with your design. 

3. Coated or Uncoated? 

You can either coat or uncoat your postcard entirely. Some people prefer to coat their postcards because it adds an extra shine that makes it more attractive. However, it is more difficult to write on, especially with UV coating even though it appears really sleek, smooth, and attractive. You need to be extra careful with this particular type of coating. 

An uncoated postcard, on the other hand, looks quite dull and a little less attractive. Although, it can definitely be written on. 

So, people often choose to coat the front side and let the back side uncoated so that it can be written on when needed. 

4. Choose Better Card Stock 

The choice of card stock is very important for postcard printing and marketing. With a heavier card stock that is thicker, you can gain a better impression from the recipient of your postcards. Thicker postcards appear more proper and elegant compared to the normal weighted card stock. Yes, it is more expensive. But the price is worth it compared to printing postcards on low quality papers that are not as effective on your target audience. However, here at Kiasu Print we offer professional and economical postcard printing services.