To design a business card, you have to follow certain steps and consider some elements such as content, format, quantity, software, among others. 

The same happens after designing the card or before printing it. You are right! That means that there are certain aspects that you must bear in mind for a better result. And you know what? We will explain them here! 

You already designed a business card, and now you want to print it. What a joy! 

But wait! The results may not be entirely satisfactory. Many people are disappointed after printing their card because they do not take into account the necessary steps after designing name cards: 

Check The Data 

Many people will think that it is unnecessary to repeat this as it is evident that we must review the information on the name cards. However, we must say that many overlook this crucial step. 

You must verify every detail of the business card before printing it and ensure that the data is correctly placed. 

Many business owners and designers have ended up in a very annoying and stressful situation for bypassing verification. 

For example, some put their phone number or their first and last name, and it was not until they printed it that they realized that something was wrong with said information. 

Although it may not seem like it, this is very common. That is why we recommend that you be very careful when verifying your card details if you want to avoid mistakes. 

Do Tests 

You have already verified the data. Excellent! 

Let's go to the second step! If you have a personal printer, do some tests to get a rough idea of ​​what your amazing business card will look like after printing. 

And if you don't have a personal printer, you can consider borrowing it from a friend or family member, as it's important to do tests and print samples before sending them to the printer. 

With these small tests, you can verify that the card's content looks the way you want, keep its format, take care of its size, see the colors in the physical name card, among others. 

Remember that digital designs change a bit once you print them! 

Run A Color Test 

Don't you know what a color test is? Well, pay close attention to the information below because this is essential! 

A color test is an impression made before final printing to see the result of the card. 

You are probably wondering: "I already chose a color when designing the card; why should I do a color test?" The answer is very simple: the colors can change once you print the card. 

If you have never printed something in color, you probably do not know that they can look dull, opaque, or with a tonality that was not what you expected. 

But do not worry! The solution is the color test before final printing. 

You only have to print the business card once, and that's it! You will be able to see the colors that the card will have at the end. 

Final Thoughts 

If you follow these steps and tips, we assure you that you will print a name card without problems. 

As you can see, these steps are mainly based on verifying the printing result. So, keep in mind how important it is to review the first printed name card well, either to find errors that you did not see when designing it, or to change certain things. 

We hope these steps have been as useful to you as they were for us, and you can have a good name card!