Are you thinking of starting a business? Want to run your business from home? What about starting a printing business?  

Actually, you can start a printing business on a small scale with your home printer or even with no money with print on demand.  

But are you familiar with print on demand? 

Basically, print on demand (POD) is a system where a product will be printed only after you receive an order. The good thing about it is that you can find a printing company as your partner. So, once there is an order, you don't need to print it yourself, because your printing partner will help you with it. Plus, another good thing about having a printing partner is that you don't have to buy a digital printer or any printing equipment for your business. 

But what can we sell or offer by starting a printing business from home? 

Let's find out the answer below! 

Print on Demand 

By partnering with a printing company, what products can you offer? Here are some of them! 

1. T-Shirts 

So first, you can sell t-shirts which are one of the most popular POD products. Today, many people who start their business choose to create their t-shirt print design and label it as their brand! If you find it interesting, you can also do the same!  

2. Mug 

So, the second one is a mug. You may not have thought of it before, but because mugs are often used by many people, mugs are becoming one of the popular POD items you can sell. 

3. Poster 

Another popular item you can sell is posters! You can create your own poster design and print it by your printing partner once there is an order. 

Actually, there are still many items that you can sell with print on demand. Some of the instances are hoodies, books, tote bags, hats, etc. 

Print at Home 

After knowing a few items that you can sell with POD, then it's time to discuss what you can offer and sell with your home printer. So, here are a few ideas!  

1. Photos 

So, the first idea, you can provide photo printing services. But before starting your business, make sure your home printer can produce good quality photos.  

2. Stickers 

So, another idea is to print stickers! With your home printer, you can make your own designs and sell them, or you can provide sticker printing services for consumers who want to print their stickers. Again, check the quality of your results first! 

3. Documents 

Most of the home printers are usually used for it! So, you can also provide document printing for your business!  

Those are only a few ideas about several items or services you can offer whether you are starting a business using your own home printer or when you are starting a print on demand business. Hopefully, this article gives you more insight when you want to start your home-based business. So, good luck!