Printing Sticker vs Cutting Sticker: Differences and Uses


Stickers are often used for labelling, displaying identity, and other uses such as providing product information, as well as advertising products and events. Digital printing companies offer a variety of sticker options, the most common of which are cutting and printing stickers. The distinctions between cutting and printing stickers are one of the aspects that most people are unsure of. But for spoilers, the machine used to make these stickers is the most significant distinction between the two.


Here is a quick overview of the distinction between a cutting sticker and a printing sticker that you might not be aware of, which might assist you in determining which sort of sticker is better for your company or organization.


Sticker Cutting

A cutting sticker, as the name suggests, is a sticker made by cutting. This cutting refers to the process of cutting stickers according to a specification developed using design tools like Adobe Photoshop or Corel. A cutting sticker machine is used to create this kind of sticker.


Printing Sticker

A printing sticker is a sticker that has been printed on paper using a standard office printer.


Printing sticker may be achieved on a number of various styles of paper. These various types of paper would necessitate the use of various printers and inks in order for the image to be reproduced on the material. However, this style of the sticker is less expensive, and the requisite materials are simpler to come by.


Of course, stickers can be printed on a more advanced printer with more costly paper too.


The distinction between cutting and printing stickers

1. Design

The outline of the cutting sticker must be in vector format, meaning it should be in one line. The cutting sticker machine would use the line as a cutting guide. When it comes to sticker printing, printers can handle virtually any template format. However, it's worth noting that the higher the paper dimension, the better the final score.


2. Colours

The cutting sticker has the drawback of having a small colour palette, especially strong or non-gradation colours. There is a puzzle trick that uses programs like CorelTrace to make the colours come out beautifully to solve this disadvantage.


This method of image processing before printing requires further effort and expertise. Colours, on the other hand, are not an issue when printing stickers. With a printer, you can print whatever colour and gradation you want. As a result, if you want fewer hassles and complexities, printing stickers is a better option.


The explanation regarding the distinction between a cutting sticker and a printing sticker would hopefully provide you with information and assistance in choosing which form of sticker printing is better for you.


If you are still uncertain, seek a local Singaporean digital printing company or sticker printing service for consulting with experts before printing your stickers. They will happily provide you with advice and assist you in creating the stickers you want to make for your company or organization. Find as many references as possible so that you won't make the wrong decision.