Name cards have printing techniques. Name cards tell a person's name, business, address and other information to the receiver. This post tells you the printing techniques for name cards. The techniques are below. 

Shine-Glossy/ Matt Laminated Name Cards 

Matte lamination offer a protective layer to name cards. It is dull and dim. People are fond of glossy and shinning lamination that gives a silky, water-resistant and softer finish. It offers a kind of protective shield to cards. 

Laser Cutting Die Name Cards 

Die cutting is popular for making name cards. Graphic designers do crack old nuts in making and designing cards with new methods. The cards are cut into various shapes with the simplest die, for each requirement to give it a unique and unconventional look. Laser cutting is a printing process that involves using laser to cut materials. It is a decent way to make name cards for the clients. 

Foil Printing Design 

This is another kind of printing that offers a nice and fine texture to a name card. Pressing a coloured foil to the card paper using heat makes it elegant and impressive. Typography and logos can encourage this technique. 

Debossing Letterpress/Embossing Name Cards 

This process does not involve  the use of ink or foil. Heat is applied for Embossing giving it a dense texture. Debossing is the reverse of Embossing. It has the same effect, however the paper is pressed and not bulged out. It has 3D visual effects. You can apply debossing and embossing effects on letters and logos. 

Spot UV/Varnish Name Cards 

This method of printing is common today. People prefer a glossy effect on a name so that it is as ordinary as a rough old card. Varnish is a kind of matte coating on the card that gives it durability, protecting it with shiny coat above it. This enhances the design of the glossy name card. With Spot UV, only some zones or parts of the name cards are glossier or richer.  

Types of Papers for Name Cards 

Texture Card Stocks 

This is a paper that gives texture. It is available both in matte and glossy stock. Textured papers have patterns like dots, basket-weave and dots. It has many colours.

Photo Card Stock 

It gives a quality finish. It is a kind of paper for models, estate agents and actors. It gives some advanced impression and gives single-sides and double sides. 

Glossy Stock Cards 

It is more suitable for printing on double sides and gives a glittering finish, with its dazzling colours. This paper is available in various colours, giving the name card multiple colours. You can add a photo to its background. There are many photo designs in the background. It's aqueous coating gives a durable finish. 

Matte Stock 

This paper gives a non-shiny finish and has many colours. It has neutral colours. 

Card Stock 

This paper is sturdier than the rest. It can undergo handling and is heavier. It is rigid and more durable. It is suitable for making name cards.