Did you know humans have a higher productivity potential in the morning? One can stay productive throughout the day by making the most out of their morning. First, it should start with setting up a morning routine. Just don’t force in many tasks but one or two important ones for your mornings. 

A productive, happy morning routine may seem something more like this: 

Breakfast- An early, healthy breakfast will get you started and will help you feel great, but a satisfying, productive morning routine is more than just a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee. Be sure to have some healthy snacks like avocados and nuts, as well as healthy oils like walnuts, tuna, sesame oil and raw eggs. Also, be sure to include physical activity like walking or jogging in the morning. 

Set your goals- To keep things interesting, it's also important to vary your routines throughout the day. Whether it's changing your bedtime routine or even putting an end to morning routines that you don't need, planning out your best way to get things done in the morning is important. When you do this, it makes it easier for you to stay on track with your productive morning routine. 

Include daily routines- Your morning routine doesn't have to be limited to just going to work and getting your lunch. Doing things like taking a ten minute walk, having a fifteen minute commute or doing yoga can all be effective ways of staying motivated and on track with your productive morning routine. These habits, when combined with a solid diet and exercise, can take you farther than you may have ever imagined. 

Include positive routines- For those who practice yoga or other forms of relaxation techniques, finding a routine that can help us de-stress can be crucial to being more productive.

Reminding ourselves to breathe slowly, relax and let go can do wonders for our state of mind. The same goes for daily routines that can help us relieve stress and maintain healthy habits. 

Create a work schedule- Many of us lead hectic lives that include both job duties and personal lives. For those of us who want to maintain a regular routine so we'll always be able to fit in everything we need to get through our daily routines, setting up a daily routine that fits our lifestyle can be a big help. 

Write it down- Most people need to jot down ideas, plan out their daily routines and arrange their lives around them. However, if it's not in writing, it may just slip away. Writing things down makes them a lot easier to remember and keep, which will help you stick to your goals. Instead of writing, you can use customisable sticker printing too!

Take Actions- Productive habits are all about taking action. Getting started is the easy part, staying motivated and completing them is where the real work is made. There are many ways we can structure our routines, including journaling, visualizing, thinking positive thoughts and taking a break.

Once we've made the routine a part of our mental solitude, we can use it over again to manage our stresses and stay more organized. These rituals are simple but have tremendous benefits to our health and productivity. 

Changing routines- When we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed by work, or unable to complete our daily routines, we might need to adjust our routines in order to stay on task. This is a great time to take a break, re-charge, and refocus on our tasks at hand.

Changing routines is important because it helps to increase organizational skills, keeps us feeling in charge and in control of our environment, and makes us more efficient when it comes to completing our important tasks. 

Social media- Many people use social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, etc., to keep in touch with others, update their schedules and see what's going on within their social media circles. The goal is for this interaction is to lead to more productivity, which is why creating habits around social media is so important.

Making a daily routine around social media is important because it helps you stay more organized, updates your information on a daily basis and gives you an opportunity to get into a routine of communicating with others. 

Writing habits- Another habit to get in that routine is writing habits. We all have different writing habits, whether we like to write or not. Therefore, it is important that we do something to help keep our routines in writing going. Whether that means taking a daily note, writing an article to submit to a website, or journaling, there are several ways that we can incorporate writing into our day. Therefore, making sure that we get into the habit of writing will help us in many areas throughout our day. 

Once you have made these areas part of your daily routine, you'll find that you have more energy throughout the day, you're more organized and disciplined, and you have a better understanding of your habits. If you need additional help in making your habits become rituals, you can buy a book on the subject or sign up for an online course on how to turn your habits into rituals.

Either way, once you start incorporating the rituals that you've learned, you'll find that you're on your way to getting on track to achieving more success.