Today, more and more people are trying to be more productive. That is why lots of books, podcasts, or even articles discuss it. But even though you can easily find tons of source about it, there are still misconceptions regarding productivity. 

So, to know more about that, you can find out some common misconceptions about productivity below!   

1. Busy Means Productive 

So, here's the first misconception about productivity. Some people still associate productivity with being busy, like if you want to be productive, then you have to do lots of things and be busy. Unfortunately, being busy and productive are two different activities! Being busy doesn't always mean being productive because being productive is about knowing the priorities that make you work more focus and smarter. Once you want to be productive, then you have to understand that being busy is not synonymous with being productive! 

2. Multitasking Makes You More Productive 

The key to productivity is focus and priority! That is why being multitasking is another misconception in productivity. Doing lots of things at the same time doesn't mean you can get things done any faster. Actually, when you are multitasking, your brain cannot fully pay attention to the things you are doing. What really happens with multitasking is that task-switching. Instead of sticking to one task until it finishes, switching tasks takes more time. So now, do you still think that multitasking can make you more productive? That's why you need to know this misconception to increase your productivity!  

3. You Have to Wake Up Early to be More Productive 

Okay, so we move on to another misconception about productivity where people still think that getting up early means you are going to have a productive day. Actually, there's nothing wrong with getting up and starting your day early. But the problem is, people still think that productivity means you have to start your day early. For some people who are more comfortable doing things at night or we usually call them the night person, waking up early may not be very effective or even cause them to end up with less productivity.  So, that doesn't matter if you are a night or morning person, as long as you can complete the tasks that will lead you to achieve your goals, you can be productive. 

4. Work More, Sleep Less 

So, the last misconception we're going to talk about here is about working more and getting sleep less. Being productive doesn't mean you have to spend your night working and having little time to sleep. Maybe for some people like Leonardo Da Vinci, it worked, because he could sleep two hours per day. But actually, lack of sleep has been linked to health problems. That doesn't sound good, right? Plus, insufficient sleep can make it difficult for people to study, communicate, memorize, or even concentrate! With all of the effect, working more and getting less sleep is not a way to make you more productive!  

So, those are a few common misconceptions about productivity! Hopefully, you will find that this information is useful to you!