Productivity is not only needed by professional business people. It is basically needed by everyone who wants to accomplish more or get things done faster, including students. 

Usually, as a student, you have lots of things to do that sometimes lose your balance. Because of that, here are a few tips you can follow to increase your productivity and lead you to a balanced life!  

Ready? Let’s go! 


So, first of all, let's talk about some tips you should do as these will help you increase your productivity as a student. Here are some of them! 

1. Make a To-Do List! 

Actually, having a to-do list can help you use your time more effectively and efficiently! By knowing what should you do, you can set priorities for completing your tasks from the most challenging to the least challenging ones. Plus, having a to-do list reduces the chance of forgetting to do important things! 

2. Make Use of Technology 

For the Gen Z generation, technology is a part of their lives! Instead of using it for gaming or social media, why don't you use technology to increase your productivity? Today, there are tons of productivity apps that are easy to find on the internet! Some of the productivity apps you can use are Todoist, Forest, Trello, Evernote, and many more!  

3. Pay Attention to Your Health 

Yes, as a student, you have lots of things to do! However, that doesn't mean you can pay less attention to your physical and mental health! To be more productive and balanced, your health is essential. So, take your time to exercise, eat healthy food, and get enough sleep!  


After discussing something you should do to increase your productivity, then it's time for us to discuss the opposite. Let's talk about things you shouldn't do to increase your productivity. So, here is the list!  

1. Social Media Distraction 

Today, one of the biggest distractions for students come from the use of social media. Actually, there are lots of good things about it. But inappropriate use of it makes most of us addicted. Because of that, to be more productive, you definitely need to minimize the distractions from social media. But don't get it wrong! That doesn't mean you are not allowed to use it, but to make yourself more focused, you can log out of your social media accounts and log in after completing all the things you need to do! 

2. Multitasking 

Focus is one of the keys to being productive. That is why, if you want to be productive, you need to avoid multitasking. Actually, there is a misconception that being multitasking means you will be productive. However, in reality, multitasking makes your brain not fully pay attention. Instead of making you get things done faster, it makes you slower. So, as a student who wants to be productive, you should do something one by one instead of multitasking. 

3. Study Longer, Sleep Less 

Another thing you should avoid to be productive is studying longer but getting less sleep. Having less time to sleep can make it difficult for you to be focused, memorize, or even respond. How can you be productive because of that? So get enough sleep which is about 7 - 9 hours per day, if you want to balance your life and achieve more by being productive!