Productivity is an important indicator, especially at work. Being productive means doing things more effectively and efficiently with given effort. A productive person can do and complete one or several given tasks in a day.  

However, it cannot be denied that we have days that are not always fun. It affects how we work on any given day. We might feel not as excited, yet the working hours in the office require us to finish the day's work. If you experience these things, there are a few tips you can do to stay productive and get through the day positively. 

1. Organized Your Most Important Task 

Organizing a task is an important thing you have to do when you want to complete some work. It allows you to keep track of what jobs currently exist that need to be completed immediately. After knowing these jobs and assignments, then you make work priorities from those with the highest level of urgency to the lowest. Do the first work with a level of urgency or a closer deadline. 

2. Divide a Harder Task into Several Sub-Tasks 

A job list certainly has its difficulty level. If resolved at a time, there's a chance that you missed something. Therefore, it is good to divide this difficult task into smaller tasks. It will allow you to double-check and review the work, so the output of the work would be better. 

3. Set a Deadline 

Deadline is the time maximum for you to do a job. It is important to set a deadline to keep track of a project. Most of the time, the results of your work are needed by other divisions to complete their tasks. If you don't set a deadline, work may be neglected and hinder the process in other divisions. Therefore, set a deadline for each of your jobs. 

4. Take Regular Breaks 

It is important to take regular breaks when you work on something. You can use 20 minutes to work fully focused, and take another 20 minutes to relax. Or you can also work on 5 minutes fully focused, and take another 5 minutes to listen to some music or song. Do this until the work is done. It will decrease your stress level and get with the day positively. 

5. Avoid Checking Social Media too Frequently 

One of many ways to avoid distractions is not checking your phone. It will significantly reduce your screen-on-time on your smartphone. Trust me, social media is the biggest distraction when it comes to work or any activities in particular. 

6. Clean Up Your Desk/Work Station 

A clean and well-organized desk is not only pleasing to the eye, but also feels comfortable to be around. You would feel as if you are in your home, or any place cozy and comfy. Besides, comfort is important to create in a job so that you can be more productive. 

7. Eat Healthily and Exercise Regularly 

Eating a healthy diet balanced with exercise is a very important complement to your work and productivity. Long hours of work will require sufficient stamina as well as focus and alertness. Foods such as salads, nuts, protein in chicken or beef, and fruits, will help you get through the day.