2. Pick a Design  

Design selection is no less important than anything else on a name card. If you are not a graphic designer, then don't worry. You can use preset designs that are usually found in many free online design applications on the internet. But make sure that you pick a design that matches your related field of interest. For example, if you were to be an architect, then you should use a design with an architectural theme. This will make it easier for people to perceive information more quickly and more precisely. If you have some budget for using a graphic design service, that will be better since you'll talk to the designer about what you want for your name card. 

3. Choose Your 'Signature' Colour and Materials 

As with choosing a design, choosing colour also plays an important role in your business card. When you choose a colour that you like, it is not certain that the people who receive it will be impressed. Therefore, it is important that you do your own research and ask the printing shop such as name card Singapore about the right colour combination. Furthermore, there are materials that you can choose from, such as 260 or 310 GSM art cards, 300 or 350 GSM matt white offset, 330 GSM naturalist vanilla smooth, and others.