Every business has some advantages and limitations. Print on demand business has many pros and cons. here are some of them: 

Pros of print on demand business 

1. Quick Turnaround, High Quality: 

By printing just what you need, print on demand bears the cost of quick turnaround times. In this era of computerized innovation, print quality is sufficiently high to fulfill the most insightful print purchaser. 

2. Decrease Overprinting: 

Digital print innovation has empowered the best print on demand techniques: products are delivered rapidly, and the cost is adjusted according to the order type. 

3. Decrease Shipping Costs: 

Best print on demand printing methods make it possible that you're printing products according to demand. Print on demand methods also makes easier the transportation of your products. Best print on demand platforms can supply the products directly to where they are required, and as a result, shipping costs are decreased. 

4. Decreased or Elimination of Warehousing/Storage: 

By printing just what you need when you need it, warehousing and capacity costs are diminished and wiped out inside and out. 

5. Few Backorders: 

Print on demand speeds up the transportation cycle for organizations that need a consistent supply of printed products to different areas. Essentially 100% of your orders are transported within two working days. Backorders are practically non-existent. 

The Cons of Print on Demand Business: 

1. You lose Control Over the Fulfillment Process and quality of the products 

Just like with any drop shipping service, Print on demand means that you don't see each product yourself, so you have to trust the printer to do its job properly. That's why it's important to test your products before you start selling to see how they look. You or your customer might receive a damaged item. It could be a manufacturer's error, fulfillment error, or damage during shipping.

There's no denying that these things happen for any product manufacturing business. As you already know, be it t-shirts or self inking stamp we have conducted quality control that the fulfilled products go through. However, as with everything, we might accidentally let through a defective item. If your customer receives a damaged or faulty item because of our mistake, we take full responsibility and cover the error at our expense. 

2. You Depend on Your Printing Partner for Products and Their Availability: 

Print on demand companies work with different suppliers to source products or product materials, for example, fabric. it means there are many moving parts, and sometimes products may go out of stock or become unavailable. 

3. Order Fulfillment Takes Longer: 

Since every product is printed on demand, it takes longer to fulfill orders than it would if you already had available stock. As a store owner, you have to manage your customers' expectations – let them know that each product is printed on demand and that this takes a bit longer than sending out an already made product. 

4. Returns Management May Require More Attention: 

Since you're working with a third-party service, there's more to consider when dealing with situations where your customers might want to return a product. So make sure you set up a return policy that goes hand-in-hand with your Print on demand partner's policy.