Are you confused about whether you want to make or buy a sticker?  Have you thought a little more about the pros and cons of each option to help you make a decision?  

If you haven't thought and identified the pros and cons of each option, we've got you covered! 

Well, in this article, we try to help you by showing a few pros and cons for one of the options, making your own stickers Singapore! So, without any further ado, let's get started! 


Okay, let's start our first step by pointing out some of the pros if you decide to make your own stickers. So, here are a few of them!  

1. Affordable!  

When you buy stickers, you do not pay for the illustrations that are printed on the sticker material only. You pay the time and effort of the designer who has created the design, you pay for the transportation cost that transfer the stickers from the manufacturing place to the shop where you bought them, and you also pay for any other cost! But once you decide to make your own stickers, you will be in charge of most of the making process. That is why you will find that making your own stickers is more affordable because you don't need to pay for the professional designer or even the transportation cost.  

2. You Have the Freedom to Design Your Sticker 

When making your own stickers, you have the freedom to design anything you want for your stickers. You can put your personal quotes there, or you can even draw your face on your sticker design. So, if you think to make some personalized designs for your sticker, making your own stickers will be the perfect idea for you!