The Pros and Cons of Printing Laminated Stickers


If you are thinking of printing stickers, you probably have considered the type of finish that you want for it as well. There are indeed many different types of finish for stickers that you can choose. They are great because they can make your sticker look better. One of the most recommended ones is to laminate your stickers.

If this is your first time hearing about laminated stickers, let's learn about the pros and cons of using this finish in this article.


Pros of Laminated Stickers

1. More durable

Whatever the material that you use for printing your stickers in Singapore, in the end, you will still get a sticker that is quite prone to damage. The laminating option can be the solution if you want to make your sticker more durable and resistant to damages, such as moisture, tearing, and so on. A laminated sticker has an extra layer on top of the printed material, thus it will be a bit thicker, shinier, and more durable.


2. Increase its longevity

If your sticker is more durable, it will have a longer life. Even if your sticker gets thrown away, it will not be too damaged due to the laminated surface. There is a chance that people will still be able to read your stickers even if they find them on the side of the street. Even when thrown away, your sticker can still do its job of promoting your business or relaying whatever information that you have on them. So, it will still be beneficial for the branding and will not lose its value.


3. Make it look better

As mentioned before, a laminated sticker will appear more glossy. But you can also choose lamination to make it more matte. If you want to go an extra length, choose glittery lamination for your stickers to make them look more stand out and intriguing.


Cons of Laminated Stickers

1. Cost

What you need to remember that the choice of lamination whether glossy, matte, glittery, or others cost differently. Some are relatively still cheap, but others might be expensive for your budget.

So do not forget to ask the printing service about the price before making a decision.

This is not necessarily a disadvantage as long as you know how to budget your sticker production well.


2. Longer lead time

Because adding lamination for your sticker is an additional process, of course, the production time will be longer than non-laminated stickers. If you want to print laminated stickers, make sure that you plan out ahead and spare more time for the production. If you are in a rush, then you can choose a regular non-laminated sticker with good material so that you can still have a great-looking outcome.


Don't forget to first design the sticker well. No matter how great the quality of paper and lamination, if the sticker is designed poorly, then it will not be able to serve its purpose. You can choose to design your sticker yourself or get a designer to help you with it.


Whichever you choose, good luck with the making of your stickers.