Pros and Cons of Using Brochure as a Marketing Tool


Individuals and other businesses or organizations often use brochures to promote their goods or services to a larger audience. The printing of brochures is usually done on one side of the page. Any people, however, use both sides. In brochure printing, it is crucial to use vibrant colours and phrases that are fun or catchy.


It promotes the primary goal of producing and distributing brochures, which is to provide content to customers and other companies about whatever you want; whether it is your product, service, or whether you have a coupon or sale to sell, and so on. Since it is so simple to use, a brochure is very common. However, there are several drawbacks. You'll read about the upsides and downsides of using brochures for advertising and marketing in this article.


The Benefits


1. Brochures are inexpensive.

One of the most popular reasons for using a brochure in Singapore as a selling tool is that it is inexpensive.

The cost of printing a brochure is low on average. When you buy in bulk, it gets even cheaper. It does not require a complicated procedure or sophisticated machinery. However, if you want a higher-quality result, you'll have to pay more to have a digital printing provider do the job for you with their devices.


2. Brochures are simple to make

Brochure printing is one of the most straightforward printing products. Since there are not many measures involved, creating brochures doesn't take too long. Companies and individuals can easily make adjustments to their brochures and get them processed in a limited period of time.


3. Brochures are simple to understand.

Brochures do not have a lot of text on them so they can just express the most important points and make it easy to read for all. 




1. Consumers are quick to reject brochures.

Brochures are straightforward though often dismissed by consumers. People do not really care to decipher what's written in them because they are just a little piece of paper. They look at the brochure, but they do not even want to understand what it is saying.


If you want the brochure to be read, make sure it has a catchy headline that will pique the customer's attention in the few seconds they spend looking at it.


2. Brochures have a limited impact

Brochures, in comparison to other forms of advertisement, do not leave a lasting impression. They just serve to capture a person's interest for a brief moment or to persuade them to buy your goods or pay for the service you have by explaining a few details. So that's the end of it. A more costly and advanced promotional tool, such as tv commercials that are aired repeatedly, may have a larger and longer effect and aid in brand recognition.


Despite the disadvantages, the benefits still outweigh them. So, do not hesitate in choosing brochures as your method of marketing or providing information for your target audience. As long as you know how to design it right, you will still feel the advantages of using it.