Pros of Vinyl Material for Printing High-Quality Stickers in Singapore


If you are planning to make stickers in Singapore, you would see that there are different paper options for printing. One of the best and most recommended ones is vinyl. Whether for personal use, business, or marketing, a vinyl sticker can do a very great job. So, let’s learn how to make great looking stickers using this vinyl material.


The effectiveness of a sticker depends on many factors. Aside from the design, the paper material also matters. That is why vinyl is a good choice.

After all, vinyl material is cheap. Even so, it provides great quality for its price, and it can save you a lot of money.

It Is even better if you plan to print stickers for business (as for selling them). Because for a low price, you can offer a great value of your product to your customer and sell it for a decent price. Thus, you will gain a lot of profits from it.


If you use your vinyl stickers to market your brand, it will also give the recipient of the sticker a good first impression due to the quality. After all, it is inevitable that high-quality stickers stand out more than the rest and will help you to deliver a positive and lasting first impression.


There are still more benefits of printing vinyl stickers. Here they are.


1 Get sharp colours upon printing

If you print on vinyl paper material, you will surely get great looking colours that are vibrant and attractive. By having vibrant stickers with colours that pop, you can draw attention easier, and pique people’s interest without too much effort. This is especially great for both marketing and selling purposes because people will want to check out what stickers that you have and what it aims to deliver.


2. Lasts a long time

Vinyl paper can be coated and laminated. By adding this kind of finish, it will make the sticker more durable and protected from a variety of damages, especially moisture.

Vinyl stickers also don’t fade away that easily, so you shouldn’t worry about them getting used outdoors. Even if it is not as strong as decals, vinyl material can still tolerate various conditions outdoors, such as the weather, direct sunlight, and so on.

If you want to create bumper stickers using vinyl, it is not a bad idea at all.


3. Very versatile

Vinyl is a strong and durable material, but that does not mean that it is rigid and cannot be customed the way you want. With current technology, vinyl stickers can be cut into interesting shapes and made into a large variety of sizes depending on the needs and wants of the maker.


With those many size and shape variations, you can put vinyl stickers just about anywhere, mainly due to their characteristics as well. Vinyl can stick well onto windows, packaging, papers, and many other kinds of surface. Also, there is no need to worry about ruining the surface it sticks onto, because vinyl does not need too much adhesive to stick well on surfaces.


When you need to take it off, there is no need to put too much effort into it as well. So, you can choose to peel off vinyl stickers anytime you want.