Purpose of Company Stamp You Need to Know


Stamps have been used in various businesses for many years. Also, it is widely used in the workplace for a series of matters and purposes. A stamp in an office is significant because it represents and shows the business, especially in documents and correspondence.


A stamp in an office, especially a company stamp, is an important office tool or piece of stationery. Because it is a very important item, It should only be used by those in positions of authority.


Some stamps are so vital that they can only be used and considered authentic if the business director's signature is present. There are, however, other varieties of stamps that are less restrictive and can be used by anyone for more general and lighter office uses.


The following are some of the advantages and applications of stamps:


1. Shows company authorisation

A company stamp, along with the signature of the company directors, may be used to approve papers, as previously stated. Some businesses use stamps, whilst others opt for a company seal. Sales agreements, partnership arrangements, and other contact types are examples of documents that can be approved with a company stamp.


Both company-issued documents bearing the imprint of a company stamp or seal are considered authentic and valid. Since these two marks represent the company, it ensures that everything mentioned in the contract has been decided upon and the company has taken responsibility for it.  Due to this fact, the use of a Singapore company stamp can only be done with careful thought.


2. Document management

A stamp for this purpose can be conveniently customized with terms that are needed for document or file organization, such as PAID, DENIED, ACCEPTED, and so on.


It is also easier to recognize what to do with the papers and pile them into their respective categories once they are stamped with the right instructions.


Not just that, but it would be easier for you to communicate with others about what to do with them in the event that you need their assistance. Using a stamp in this manner decreases the chances of making an error in record organisation. 


A simple rubber stamp would do, but a stamp that is somewhat more advanced, such as a self-inking or pre-inked stamp, is preferable. They are not only more compact and create better stamp imprints, but they are also filled with ink and can print thousands of times.


A self-inking or pre-inked stamp is not any more costly than a standard rubber stamp.


3. Making company decision

A stamp's mark clearly indicates a judgment, such as acceptance, denial, or declination of a document or offer. This can be accomplished by a corporation's authority, such as the company owner. It's more convenient than taking notes or physically recording the decision. Job around the office can be done faster and better by using a stamp. The availability of self-inking stamps and other more modern stamps has made the use of company stamps more convenient in recent years.