We live in the new world order. It is about how much networking you can do. Whether you are into business or seeking employment, networking is the way out to achieve your goal. 

One of the ways to network properly is by designing a name card for yourself. Next is to broadcast it at appropriate places that can help you achieve your goal. This piece will help provide you with the knowledge of what you need to put on the card. 


Your card must contain your full name. It must be bold and clear enough for anyone to see. Some people use initials, but it is not okay. Make sure to include your titles such as Dr., Prof., etc. It is cool to have your professional membership acronym like CFA, CCNA, CRTT, CPA, MBA, etc. This will help to boost your credibility in your profession or niche.  


You should have a logo that depicts who you are and what you do. This is very important. It must be professional, well designed, and strategically placed on the card. Some people believe it should be big, but it is not always about the size. Just make it pleasant and professional. This is key to making a great first impression.  


There should be a tagline statement. Something that summarizes your professionalism and catchy to draw attention. This should be brief and not more than seven words at most. This can be your business slogan as well. Avoid making this unnecessarily long. 

Job Title 

This is very important as you network your way through. Let people be able to know your profession at a glance. The font for the job title should be smaller than that of the name, but it should be legible enough. 

Contact Details 

If this is missing, you have ruined the reason for creating the card in the first place. These details include your mobile number, email address, and social media handles. Make sure the mobile number is available at least during work hours. And be ready to respond to messages on all your social media handles. 

Blog Or Website 

If you own a blog or website where you showcase your skills and experience, it is wise to have it on the card. Yours may be a portfolio that showcases your skills and previous projects. Put it there and make it legible.  

The Layout 

There are thousands of layout designs you can use for your card design. It would be best if you had a unique layout that will showcase your business and your person. You can as well select from thousands available online.  

The Colors 

The color combination on the card is as important as the design. These should be your brand colors. It must be well combined and balanced professionally.  

I believe this must have equipped you with a good knowledge of your name card printing design. Lets me know what you think about this piece in the comment section.