Aside from the many types of easel stands such as A frame easel, H frame easel, giant easel, convertible easel, and others, the materials for them vary as well. Some are made from wood, while some others are made from metal or aluminum. All this might get confusing, especially if you are completely new to all this. But don't worry, this article will guide you through your decision process. 

Wooden Easel or Aluminum Easel? 

The wooden easel is more commonly used by various artists. Of course, this material has its advantages and disadvantages compared to the aluminum easel. 

First up, the wooden easel stand has a sturdier construct and this makes it less wobbly when used during painting. The designs for wooden easel stands are more varied as well. 

On the other hand, the metal easel or aluminum easel is lighter, which makes it easier for transport and it is more possible for this type of easel stands to be folded and stored away. Also, since metal easel stands are non porous, they are much easier to clean. 

There are a lot of different types of styles of easel stand regardless of the material, and choosing one might be quite difficult. 

What Type of Easel Stand Should I Get? 

What you need to understand for choosing the right type of easel stand for you is mainly your working style and preferences, the medium that you use, as well as the budget that you have for it. 

1. A Frame Easel 

The A frame easel is sometimes known as either tripod easel or Lyre easel. It is called that way because it has three legs that support the painting and it resembles the letter A. This type of easel is often used by a lot of artists because the price is decent and so is the quality. It is nothing extremely sturdy, but it is quite comfortable to work with. Since it is not very heavy, the A frame easel stand can easily be folded and stored whenever you want. 

2. H Frame Easel 

If you need a sturdier easel stand, then choose the H frame easel. The H frame easel is strong and sturdy, but these characteristics are due to the heavy material that makes it quite difficult to fold and store. So if you choose this easel stand, you need a spacious working place. An H frame easel stand can hold up to 96 inches paintings and can be adjusted freely without getting its balance compromised. 

3. Single Mast Easel 

Only starting out? Then how about the single mast easel stand? It is very lightweight and it has the sturdiness that is not much different from the A frame easel stand. This one is perfect for beginners because it can be moved anywhere and whenever you need to fold it away, you can do it in a few simple steps. Sometimes this type of easel stands even come with a storage box that makes it easier for you to carry your painting supplies.