Nowadays, we are getting used to working and communicating virtually. There are also many networking events held online, that prompted the gradually decreasing use of business cards. 

However, a business card is not completely being side-lined by business people. In fact, it is still being used at offline networking events by many people due to its effective benefits. When you hand a business card to a potential customer or business partner, it is not just a way to inform a brief about what you do but it can also help you to start and to maintain a conversation with them. In short, even though it is small in size, business card is a tangible way to build relationships with others. 

And it’s not the only reason why business card is still important. There is a dozen of reasons, but in this article, we are going to tell you 4 reasons why business card Singapore is still important and why you should consider getting yourself one. 

1. Business Card Is a Representation of You and Your Brand 

The classic and the most important role of a business card is to tell people about your business and how they can connect with your business. In other words, it is an extension as well as a representation of you and your brand. That’s why you have to carefully plan out how to design your business card so that it will not represent your business poorly. Be creative with your design is the key here. You can hire a designer to do this and or add several creative elements to elevate your business cards, such as turning your card into a promotion coupon, a place to share useful tips and trivia, and many more. The options are endless and you definitely have to seize the chance.