2. It Shows Your Seriousness and Sincerity in Business 

Let’s be real, it feels good to hand out a business card when you are talking about your ideas and business. It immediately sends a message that you mean business and shows your professionalism.    

3. It Adds a Personal Touch to Your Business 

At a networking event, everyone will try to promote their ideas and business to as many people as possible. One time they are chatting with you, and in the next minute, they might have another partner to talk with. And the chance of them forgetting who you are and what you two have talked about is never zero. But if you hand them a business card while you are presenting your ideas, they will have a tangible reminder of you at the end of the day. It makes a long-lasting impression as long as it stays within their reach. 

4. It Can Be an Effective and Inexpensive Referral Tool 

Yes, you can exchange contact info through e-mail and other paperless means. However, it is unlikely that your contact will travel from there. But if you have your own business card Singapore, it can act as an effective and inexpensive referral tool. People that possessed your business card might hand off your business card to other people that they deemed would benefit from your business