The question of whether to buy or make a name card is common. Both options come with benefits and shortcomings. This means, your situation determines which option is the better one. But, generally, here are benefits and shortcomings of each and why you should choose the other. 

Benefits of Buying a Name Card 

Saves You Time 

It is time consuming to make a name card. Buying one will save your time and allow you to focus on other things. This explains why most people pay name card professional designers to make their name cards. Designing a name card from scratch can consume a lot of your time and even more if it’s not your area of expertise. 

Great Designs 

Designing is a rare to find skill. That is why you should leave a designer to do the work for you. The end result will be a beautiful and professional name card that your target will enjoy having. This explains why you should not consider making a name card by yourself if you are not a designer. You will waste your time making a name card that may never work for you.  

Value for Money 

You will pay for a name card to be made by a designer. You can be sure to get value for your money. The name card is likely to be attractive and that will give your targets a good first impression. The result will be long lasting partnerships and connections. If you choose to make the name cards yourself, you will also incur costs. Whether the name cards will bring back results and get you value for your time and money is subject to the future events. But, you will realize that a name card designed by a pro will most likely serve you well. 

All Inclusive 

A professional name card designer has been practicing for years. Through his/her experience, he/she has learnt what works and what doesn’t when it comes to name cards. That is why the name card will have all the details required of one. Doing it yourself risks leaving some critical information outside the card. 

Benefits of Making a Name Card 


You know what you do and the goals you want to achieve. That is why it is so easy to customize your card into something that expresses who you really are and what you want. When done by someone else, there are chances he/she will miss out some details about you. 


When making a name card by yourself, you have the freedom to make whatever you want and will do that. When the design is done by someone else, they are likely to incorporate their personal preferences which may not really be what you want. 


You should get a professional to do your name cards. The benefits outweigh that of doing it yourself. As long as you tell the designer what you want, you can be sure to get a customized name card