4. Generally, Stickers Are More Durable 

Unlike brochures or flyer printing, which you may immediately throw away after getting them, stickers generally last longer. Especially if it is interesting and meaningful to you, surely you will not hesitate to post it. Speaking of durability, the choice of sticker material should not be ignored. Choose a quality printing press that can give you the best results. 

5. Inseparable From The Aesthetic Value 

One of the criteria for a good sticker is to have beauty. If the sticker is carelessly designed, you will definitely think again not to stick it on. That’s why stickers have to do both roles, for promotion and decoration. To achieve both, create interesting concepts and designs, meaning that in addition to paying attention to the value of beauty and uniqueness, stickers must also be informative. 

6. Support Other Marketing Strategies 

In addition to increasing brand awareness and exposure, stickers are used to strengthen other marketing strategies. This is because stickers can contain all important promotional information or messages. Not only that but stickers can also be used to strengthen community and awareness of certain messages. 

7. Although It Affordable, Promotional Media Stickers Are Effective 

When affixed to a car, for example, this sticker can be a walking promotion medium seen by many people. Just imagine, there is someone who puts your sticker in his car and then goes around the city with it. How many people will see it? 

So, those are the 7 reasons why sticker printings are still used in Singapore today. As simple as it may seem, there are big reasons.

Therefore, if you intend to use stickers as a promotional medium, choose a professional and quality sticker printing service. Also, choose the right sticker material.