What do you think of when you hear about invitation cards? Wedding ceremony? or maybe a birthday party?  

Actually, both a wedding ceremony and a birthday party are just two of the many events that require invitation cards.  

But, have you ever wondered why we need Singapore invitation card when we can directly talk to the people we are going to invite? Why is the card so important when we organize an event or party? Or why do we need to spend our time and money on it?  

If any of these questions ever come to your mind, then you need to know some reasons why invitation cards are made and needed. 

So, here are some of the reasons!  

1. Invitation Cards Let People Know That They Are Officially Invited  

We know that invitation cards are a way to let people know if they are invited to an event. But what makes it different is that the invitation card has a more formal impression. Some people may be questioning whether they are really invited or not if you just talk to them to come to your event. But, by giving them an invitation card, they can confirm that you officially invite them and expect them to come. Besides, to invite someone you respect such as your boss, it's a good idea to give the invitation card as a way to formally invite them.   

2. Informative 

Invitation cards are informative, that is why it is needed. You can find out when and where the event will be held, or what kind of dress you should wear on it.  

But, why is the card needed since we can also directly tell people about the details?  

Yes, you can directly tell people the details of your event, but are you sure that you won't miss any information? Because of that, invitation cards are used to help you inform the same details to everyone who receives the card. 

Besides, when you tell people to come to your event, they may forget about what you said. That is why it is better to inform the detail through an invitation card instead of directly tell them the details.  

3. Security 

Actually, there is another alternative that some people think would be more efficient when inviting their guests. They invite and share their wedding information on their social media. Yes, it could be one of the most cost-effective alternatives to letting your friends and family come to your wedding, but what if someone on your social media that you didn't expect comes? That is why, in inviting people, it is better to give them an invitation card.    

4. Can be Collected 

The main difference between inviting people using an invitation card is that people receive physical information of the event. For some people, that can be meaningful and memorable, that is why they want to collect it! For instance, wedding invitation cards. Since a wedding is one of the most memorable experiences in life, one of the things that people do to keep the memory of their wedding is to collect the invitation card and put it on their album or hang it in their room.