3 Reasons Why Name Card is Still Relevant in 2021

It's 2021 where technology has advanced so much, and more and more people prefer to do things digitally. However, did you know that a lot of business professionals still request name card printing?

As you might be wondering why, it is because according to many professionals, a business card is still considered one of the most appropriate ways to meet new people and create good professional networking.

If you are one of the people who underestimate the benefits of business card printing in the digital era, these advantages may change your mind.

1. Name Cards Build Trust
A business card is a perfect way to start a great first meeting and get to know people who can help you develop your company or give you insight into doing work. These people would judge you based on the style and printing of your name card, even if just a little.

If a name card is not designed properly, they'll think you're not a serious professional. However, if you have an outstanding name card, you can put yourself in a good light right away. People would consider you as a reputable businessperson or entrepreneur with whom they would do business. You won't be able to accomplish your networking ambitions until you have a professional-looking name card.

2. Direct Marketing Tool
The main aim of a name card is to present people with your contact information. But did you know that a business card can also be an important marketing tool? Yes, it does not have a lot of space for information. However, it is capable of becoming a great direct marketing tool. Of course, it won't work until it's designed correctly, with the business name, colour scheme, and typography. So, for a more impactful first encounter, note to use these three in the arrangement of your name card. People would remember you and identify your name card with the organization you work with or promote if your name card sticks out with these brand names.

3. Proper Networking for Business Advances
Many great individuals or experts in the industry have worked there for a long time. Some of them are not young, and many of them do not prefer to keep track of people's contact details in a digital format. You should still have your name card ready for formal introductions to these important individuals. This way, you'll be able to grab opportunities as they emerge.
This way, you will give the impression that you are always prepared and willing to connect even without the digital means of doing so. 
Also, you can avoid the limitations of technology, such as running out of battery or not having a signal. With business cards, you can give them out anytime it is needed at any place.

So, are you now convinced to make your very own name card? If you are ready to print great-looking ones for you make your order today at Kiasu Print.