Reasons to Write a Postcard: Part 2

It lasts for a long time
Unlike an e-mail or text, a postcard is not something you can accidentally erase. Postcards are psychically present, which means they will not get deleted if your computer crashes, or lost unexpectedly in your email archive. If the postcard is stored properly, anything made out of paper can last years and years, and you can find them if you pin them on your wall, or even framed and hung up. Most of them are art after all! You might also save it to show your future generations about the adventure you were on. Another reason why it is because a postcard is the best souvenirs, especially when it shows where you have been! But they also act as a long-lasting, handwritten chronicle that may be kept. It is something that will jog your memory or that of others in years to come. You could put them in a travel journal or made an entire album dedicated to postcards. 

It is fairly cheap
Of course, compared to sending an e-mail, a postcard might cost more, but it is way cheaper than you might think. But also the postcard itself is fairly cheap, in Singapore it costs anywhere between 70 cents to 1.5$ depending on the artwork and where the postcard is from. 

So there you go, other purposes a postcard can be useful for, as you can see a postcard in Singapore is cheap, plus there are tons of postcards for you to buy, the next thing you need to do is to write your message and send them away.