Did you know that it only takes seven seconds to get an impression of someone when you meet them for the first time? 

But it's not just about what you say. Your non-verbal communication speaks volumes about you and your company. This is especially true for the famous first impression. 

Assuming you get a positive response, how do you keep it going until the end of the conversation? 

A stylish choice of clothes is helpful here. Courtesy is essential. But both are immediately forgotten if you mess up the exchange of business cards. At this moment, there is more than just the flow of information. 

The following tips will help you establish a relationship of trust and appear attentive when you receive or present business cards. 

Always Keep Your Cards Close At Hand 

It's hard to be confident while rummaging in your pocket. Show how well prepared you are by having your cards close at hand. This gives you a professional impression at all times because you never know where and when you will make new contacts. 

Always Hand Out Flawless Business Cards 

A sturdy business card case guarantees clean cards without creases. This not only makes you appear professional, but by tucking the card of your new contact with your own cards, you also show respect and attention to detail. 

Do The Same To Your Counterpart 

Just as a smooth handover of the baton helps to victory in the relay race, the skillful exchange of business cards keeps a conversation going. 

Accept a Business Card The Same Way It is Offered To You

If the other person gives the card with both hands, accept it with both hands. This rule of conduct is particularly useful when traveling abroad on business to overcome language problems and cultural barriers.