Breaks are important. Anyone physically active at work usually notices in good time when the next break is necessary. You sit down, maybe go outside, or go inside if you have to do the job outside. Even creative people need breaks: they often sit a lot, and that's not good. Sitting is the new smoking, it said in a magazine a while ago. Simultaneously, the head also needs movement: 

  1. Get out. 
  2. Get some fresh air. 
  3. Breathe in oxygen and let the different temperatures affect you. 
  4. It is also good to exercise outside. 

Plan and Take Breaks 

Since I've been self-employed, I've gotten used to taking breaks. It doesn't always go as planned, but mostly it does. After two hours at the latest, I take a more extended break and go out. Take a little walk around the block. Takes about a quarter of an hour. And then I feel refreshed. Most of the time, I see inspiring things along the way or meet neighbors or just a cat, hear sparrows chirping, and feel better. The latter, by the way, even if I was fine beforehand. 

What Should You Do? 

Walking is great for thinking, and at the same time, you can relax. Often while walking, you come to solutions that would never have occurred to you at your desk.  

While there are plenty of distractions out there, none of them call for attention. There is neither a to-do list lying around nor anything reminding of further tasks.  

If you are smart, you can turn off your smartphone or switch it to silent. The camera can be handy on the go. Even on familiar paths, one does not know which motifs are lurking there today or right now. I often took photos that later graced blog posts. 

On tough days, like chewing gum, a long walk helps. The brain revs up, the Weather - almost no matter which one - is refreshing and suddenly brings in other thoughts. Mentally something is getting started. 

The Weather Doesn't Make Me Productive. 

Yes, you can, even with black ice. This is where spikes that you pull under your shoe help. It's a particular way of doing things, but you're guaranteed not to fall on your face. There are umbrellas, weatherproof shoes and jackets, gloves and hats, and ... you're sure to find something dressy and go out with it. A small or large lap around the block - twice a day or a larger lap once, as the case may be. Alone or as a couple, that works even in Corona times! 

Final Thoughts 

If you are unsure what you want or can do, you should also start small and experiment with your speed or running style. I started walking briskly and built-in more and more jogging insoles.  

It felt good and could be increased further. But it doesn't have to be suitable for everyone. 

But maybe Nordic walking is more your thing. Then start with it and see if you want to stick with it.  

The main thing is that outdoor use several times a week becomes a habit that you no longer want to miss. Listen to yourself, find your pace, and your sport that best helps you overcome your inner weaker self and get active.