Meanwhile, designing a name card will be largely inexpensive, if you have to commission a designer for it. Even then, there are many free card design templates you can find online. When it comes to printing these cards, you could get anywhere from 250 to 1000 for around $100 on average. 

Now, imagine both methods yield the same amount of customers: You have maintained your effectiveness at only a fraction of the cost!  

However, this is where a different advantage of name cards comes into play. With a billboard, you cannot choose your audience, but with cards, you can gauge who would be more likely to need your services, and give them one. By essentially curating who to hand your cards to, you will reach more likely customers. 

A More Personable Approach 

Finally, you should not ignore the psychological aspect: a billboard is impersonal, something that is just there, a passive reminder that you may only pay attention to once. Having someone actually approach you and give you a card offering their services is more personal and memorable, and they might even keep the card in their pockets or wallets for later. 

Those who do keep their client business card printing could later end up finding someone who needs something you can offer, and while this is not certain, they might end up indirectly supporting your business by giving that card to them. 

A friendly and personal approach, combined with the genuine effort of approaching someone that needs the service, instead of a distant billboard, can endear a consumer. This way, you increase your effectiveness, cut your costs, and avoid annoying consumers; a win for everyone.