Image Dimensions  

With your artwork, include strategically positioned illustrations and photos. At the final scale, scan resolution should be at least 300 DPI. When providing rasterized text paragraphs in bitmap format, make sure to include the original text files and the font files.  

It should be a minimum of 4.5pt positive and 6pt bold for reversed text. Be sure to stay away from the following: Reverse form is good, and the method works best for the type that is less than 12 points.

If you're sending text, make sure to convert it to outlines/curves or send the font files directly from your screen.  

Color Specifications 

 Use colors that you believe would complement your amazing sticker printing.  


Adding traps to your artwork isn't essential. A 0.5pt minimum trap and hold back are needed. You should set the lines to a minimum of 35pt.  

Color Matching 

You won't be able to match the color of your laser or inkjet printouts due to the process. If you need us to fit a previously printed item, you must provide a sample before proofing.  

Final Thoughts  

This completes your understanding of the sticker specifications criteria. The purpose of the stickers determines the sticker size. If you follow the instructions in this post, you should be able to make good stickers.

Having the proper knowledge about the sticker printing specifications is very paramount in making good stickers.