How To Improve Customer Loyalty With Wallets?  

Attracting new customers is good; keeping them is even better! Wallets are also very effective tools for building customer loyalty. First, because these services allow merchants to set up real dematerialized loyalty programs.  

They additionally provide access to a real database full of socio-demographic data on your clients:  

  • Age groups  
  • Sex  
  • Occupation, etc.  

So you can get to know them better to be able to satisfy them. Here are a number of contacts that will encourage your customers to dematerialize their cards:  

  • Confirmation mail or dedicated mail  
  • Persuasive SMS  
  • Communication (in-store poster, social media, etc.) Etc.  

The Disadvantages of Traditional Loyalty Cards  

In addition, mobile can solve the two major problems of traditional loyalty cards:  

  • People tend to forget or lose their card;  
  • Many people simply forget that they have joined a loyalty program.  

Solutions Offered By Wallets  

With wallets, this is no longer likely to happen since everything is recorded on your customers' smartphones: each time they check out, their loyalty card will be «flashed» without them having to think about it.  

Mobile payment services are therefore a real opportunity to make your e-commerce business more visible and attract customers at a lower cost. Better yet, they allow you to improve their loyalty and encourage them to visit your store more regularly.