How can we forget about this one, having a colourful banner will not work if the texts are all over the place. Deciding what kind of font, size, spacing of the text is really important. It is another factor of what makes a banner look good or not. Choosing the text font should be personal and special to your brand, so choose wisely and carefully. Not only that, but also make sure that customers can read what is actually being displayed on the banner. Remember that this is a printed medium so you cannot just zoom in at the roll up banner like you can while you are designing it. And make sure that the text has a good colour in a sense that it will not be lost within the background, putting a white text in a white background is as useless as wearing a winter jacket in Singapore. Make sure that the text stands out from the background, making it easier for customers to read. 

So there you go, hopefully this article can give you some tips on how to design a roll-up banner, small but important ones. Hopefully this article can help you to design a roll up banner before you print one ! Printing a roll up banner in Singapore is easy these days, you can email them and you will get your banner within a few days. Good luck with the design and we hope you are happy with your roll up banner!